Monday, May 9, 2011

To Blog or Not

Have you ever wrote a post and then chickened out of publishing it? That's what I did this morning. It was deeply personal and about something very much on my mind right now. It's something that could potentially open me up to negative responses, while on the other hand, open me up to new strategies. It's a post that's saved, sitting in "the cloud". What to do with it?

Without going into detail, I have a scary, stressful, and horrifying dog experience. It's one that needs to be solved. And one I have taken steps towards solving. (If it's even possible...) It's one that tears me up inside. Normally, I would blog without fear. However, I have learned that not all people read this blog because they're interested in what's going on in my world. I have learned that there are people who read this waiting to attack, place blame or just be negative in general. These are the people I don't write for. And these are the people making me hesitate with posting about my current issue.



MTWaggin said...

So just email to the blog friends you know will give you constructive advise and don't make it public. We've all had or will have situations that might mirror yours but you need to discuss something that emotional with people you trust!

The Canadian said...

I totally understand!!