Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Feel Like A Child

Yesterday I woke with a sharp stabbing pain in my ear. It got increasing worse as the day progressed. Now you can imagine the joy of dealing with 22 excited children when their little voices pierce your eardrum. Toughing it out, I went to the MediCentre, (thank you Canada for free and easy to access medical services!), and after a brief examination was told I don't have an ear infection but I do have an angry and inflamed ear.

With prescription for ear drops in hand I went and filled it (which cost me $1, thank you benefit plan!). I've been popping Advil and laying on my side, feeling much like a child. Talk about a way to build empathy for the little farts who are prone to ear trouble!

The worst thing?

I can't ride (or swim, but I hate swimming so don't care about that)! I can't ride for at least 5 days. So lemons into lemonade, I've taken Bacardi's vaccinations to the barn and GB (the stable owner) will give her the shots. This way, it's not too painful to not ride.

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MTWaggin said...

Hope that angry ear departs soon. Sorry about the riding but hey, luv on those pups a little extra!