Friday, September 4, 2009

The Silent Creeper

My beloved Tessa is getting older.  We've been working very hard all summer at regaining the condition she lost when she took the time off for her surgery and the following rehab.  It comes as a bit of shock for me when she doesn't want to run anymore.  When I go for my runs (4 miles) down the road I've started doing a loop the brings me past my driveway at the 3 mile mark.  Tessa will pull into the drive and wait for me to finish the remaining mile and return.  

She's also slower.  At first I kept thinking my timing was off when we worked the sheep.  We just were not catching those break away runners.  It was around Calgary when she had to hurry and catch some that I realized it wasn't my timing but her.  She is just not as fast as she once was.  I've even begun to notice it when we run.  Where she once would have led the way with her tail flagging in the air, I've now taken to stopping and calling for her to catch up.

As I write I can feel my eyes well up with tears.  I don't want her to be getting older.  To be slowing down.  But I know I have no choice in this matter.  In October the professional pictures of Tessa will arrive at my house.  I must admit I had been feeling a bit guilty at spending so much money on something so frivolous, but now, now I'm happy, for it means I'll have Tessa captured in time forever.  

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The Canadian said...

Tessa might be slowing down but she's not done with you yet, girl!!