Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dry Spell

Normally, the only problem I have with writing my blog is finding the time to do it, but I appear to be going through a bit of a dry spell.  My brain is empty of stories.  I have nothing to tell.  I've had a number of experiences the past few days that could be translated into stories.  My brain is just empty.

Perhaps it's because I've started a graduate course (Facilitating Communications and Understanding through Utilization Focused Evaluation), or maybe it's because I've been feeling under the weather.  It could be that I've been spending so much time training for the 10k (6miles) race this weekend that I'm just running out of things to say.  (Heh heh - get it - running... sigh...)  

I've done quite a bit.  Saturday I took the dogs to Ken's place and worked them - and they were awesome.  Tuesday I had my riding lesson and jumped a course!!  (Well, a pattern anyhow.)  Today I saddled up Whiskey and she's not lame!!!!!  You can tell she'd been lame for a long time as she's off balance and has some muscle dysfunction.  Strangely enough she didn't do her normal bucking routine.  

But no stories.... sigh.... surely my brain will get up and running sooner than later.  I hope...

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