Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hear Me ROAR!!

I am woman, hear me roar!!!  When the phone call came notifying me that they hay I was waiting for was in I immediately went toodling over to my dad to set up a time to haul it.  Dad was less than cooperative.  You see, he had made arrangements with my cousins to go golfing.  I being me did not want to wait for the following weekend to go get the hay.  And then my dad said the fateful words.  He said, "You'd better wait because you're not going to be able to stack the bales on the truck anyhow."  

That did it.  I was bound and determined to get my remaining 20 bales with or without him.  Off I went, gloves in hand and Tessa riding shotgun.  What you need to understand about me is I am the girl that does not like doing hard labour.  I'm perfectly content letting the men do the heavy lifting.  Unless of course I'm told I can't do it.  Then it's a different story!  With the help of the owner (female) I loaded the truck with my lovely 60+ pound timothy/alfalfa bales.  

Upon my arrive back home, I settle in to check my email and take a short break before going back out to work with the dogs.  Dad had promised he'd help me unload them.  What I ended up doing instead is baking a cake for my Aunt Laura who I rarely see and who would be arriving with my mom from Spruce Meadows later that day.  Next, I begin making the meal for my family, including my dad and two cousins who were out breaking a sweat at a local golf course.  Of course they were only golfing 9 holes but it was extra difficult due to the fact they had to *gasp* walk it.  (Feel the sarcasm...)  

By the time they arrive home at around 5:30 I'm finally leaving the kitchen to hit up the corrals.  Being impatient and having the sneaky feeling my bales were not going anywhere soon I hop into the truck and drive over to the sheds.  Where I begin unloading my bales of hay.  I was so proud of myself as I was able to stack them over my head which for me is a major accomplishment.  And what did the men do while I unloaded hay?  They drank beer on the deck.  You know, because they had worked so hard.

I returned to the house a sticky, sweaty, hay covered mess.  So I hop in the shower.  When I go upstairs I discover they had started to eat the dinner I made without me!!!  Teeth clenched I sit down to eat (they didn't wait for my mom or auntie either - because they were starving)!  Only to have my city soft cousin tell me how hard it was walking the hills - it really worked up his appetite.  (It's not really that hard.)  Eyes flinty I look at him and say, you know, I ran 5 miles this morning, loaded and unloaded 20 heavy square bales in addition to making your dinner today.  Don't tell me about hard work.  

I am woman hear me roar!  Let's just say I was a wee bit grumpy as the day came to a close.

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