Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's done.  The vet has come and gone.  We injected Whiskey today.  Normally, I am very much anti-injection.  I feel they are overused and often unnecessary.  However, in this case, Whiskey has had over 1.5 years off and is still lame.  I've done all kinds of other treatments with limited success.  

Because I'm anal retentive and wanted to see what's going on in her hock we did radiographs (x-rays).  These showed some issues around the front of her hock, which Sam thinks are likely residual inflammation from when she had the soft tissue damage a year ago spring.  Basically, these first two injections we are treating from a diagnostic point of view.  Are they helping with the lameness?  If they help, how long do the effects last?  With a lot of hope and a little luck this will fix Whiskey's lameness issue.  The flip side being the soft tissue damage was so severe and pervasive the ligaments and tendons will never recover, causing her to permanently be lame.  

With my fingers crossed I'll sit the next four days waiting, waiting for the chance to start legging her up, waiting to see how well this injection experiment works.  And hoping.  Hoping that I'll have my Whiskey girl back and in fighting form.

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The Canadian said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya too!!!