Saturday, May 11, 2013

Catching Up

The end of March I had pulled a muscle in my back doing snow removal.  My back is still not healed.  This is making me looney.  A little bit fatter.  It's also making the dogs looney.  And a little bit fatter.  We have been confined to nice on leash walks around the subdivisions.  I'd love to go work dogs now that it's nicer out.  But running hurts like crazy.  There is no working younger unfinished dogs without some running.

As soon as the weather got nice enough I bought my bedding plants and have been gardening like crazy.  This is my therapy.  While I garden I play with the dogs.  Diva has gotten a good handle on fetch, even in the yard.  Ryder is becoming very proficient at hide and seek with his toys, even in the yard.  I've been trying to come up with things to stimulate the dogs.  I know they're bored.  Diva is being super bossy with Ryder.  Ryder is my big suck and he spends a fair amount of time snuggling with me.

While I'm digging in the dirt, Ryder and Diva hang out with me.  Sometimes Diva is tied to the tree.  Sometimes she's loose on a long line.  Ryder is pretty reliable out in the yard so I don't worry so much.  The other night Diva spotted a lady walking on the road that borders my property.  Much barking ensued.  What surprised me is Diva was wagging (Wagging??) her tail at the lady.  So strange.  Ryder as always comes back quickly and is developing a very good lie down and stay during exciting times.  Diva is only as reliable as she wants to be.  That being said she's my little shadow in the house these days.  I've also discovered she loves carrots.

Any suggestions for speeding the recovery of my back or games for the dogs would be appreciated.


MTWaggin said...

Hope your back is better soon. When I was hurt that was my time to really work on distance stuff with Sterling and tricks. You can teach a lot of tricks while sitting in a chair or not moving much. Freestyle tricks are another, not much movement.

Liz Stout said...

Carrots?! And I agree with Waggin, teach them tricks that involve you sitting...make them service dogs! Hahaha..Diva..service dog..hahahaha.