Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Silly Cat

It's cold here.  Very cold.  Yesterday with the wind chill factored in it was around -43 F (or -42).  In other words, blooming cold.  Last night I fed the horses an entire, very rich square bale.  That was their evening feed.  This morning, I fed more.  It did warm up to a balmy - 32C (-26F) today though.

Moxie Cat lives in my little barn.  She keeps my hay free of mice.  This morning she was in the rafters (on styrofoam type insulation).  Giving her the stink eye, I figured she made her way up there (not sure how) so she can make her way down.  Tonight, ten hours after I did my morning chores, I found her still in the rafters, calling me with all the desperation only a cat can muster.  Sighing I called her.  She trotted towards me above my head.  Looking around for something tall enough I braced my ladder against the wall and called her over.  Would the cat use the ladder to descend?  Of course not.

Trying to get it stable enough I began to climb my way up.  She excitedly danced around my head.  Grabbing her with one leather clad mitten I tried to drag her off the roof onto my shoulder.  Like all contrary cats she dug in her claws and refused to leave her refuge of the roof.  Taking more steps up the ladder, I reached a hand up and behind, all the while calling her over.  Tentatively testing me with a paw she began to walk onto my arm.  Encouraging her, I shifted a shoulder up.  Once I felt her claws dig into my thick Carhart coat I began to carefully make my way back down to the safety of the floor.

Dumping her off, I glared at her.  She happily wove around my legs purring and meowing.

Nutty cat.  Tonight I hope she decides to sleep in the insulated house I provide her.  (The barn is insulated but still...)

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MTWaggin said...

Not sure how I missed this post. Silly cat but you do wonder why they sometimes think they can't get down when they got up there in the first place. But to her credit, where would the warmest air be but in the rafters!