Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Play Date??

I thought I'd work on Ryder's separation anxiety.  I left Diva at home and took Ryder to visit the dog we'd babysat earlier in the year.  The most interesting thing happened.  After debating between leaving Diva in the house or in the garage run I chickened out and left her in the run.  I don't often separate them and I wasn't sure how she'd respond.  I quite like my leather furniture... Diva kinda bounced around when I loaded Ryder in the truck.  As I backed the truck out of the garage, Diva looked on intently.  Ryder began to jump around (not normal) and cry.  He spun circles and put his front feet on the console looking out the front of the window.  As the garage door lowered he cried before lying down on the one back seat that's left up.  He curled up into a little ball.  (Also not normal.  He's a pretty happy traveller.)

Once we were at the friend's house he was tense and a bit clingy.  He settled down but the two dogs never did have the good play they'd had while I babysat.  It was quite interesting and a learning experience.  Clearly I need to do more of this type of thing.  I hadn't realized how dependent he was on his sister.

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