Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yard Eye Candy

Here's a sampling of some of my pots I've put together.  Love, love flowers.


Pansies - remind me of Grandma.

One of my favorite pots.

Cheerful Wave Petunias.

Pretty contrasts.

Delicate and feminine.

The Imposter.  Mixed in with my pink waves.  Needed it's own home.

These are all freshly planted.  Once summer is in "full bloom" I'll take some fresh pictures to share with you.


MTWaggin said...

Very pretty and here I thought you'd put a guy in the yard! I like what you did with the pansy pots very cool idea.

Liz Stout said...

What, its not "full summer" there yet?! You silly northern-ers with your pleasant temperatures and zero humidity. Everything I own was damp from 2 weeks in heat and humidity and you're up there sipping on mojitoes and enjoying your lack of excess heat/humidity.... Gah, teleport me there?! ;-)