Thursday, June 21, 2012

Deep Breath

This week I met with a (new) friend.  I wanted to opportunity to do some dog training with Ryder.  He was really reactive to the dog.  I miss my nice little boy.  He's normally fairly good.  Normally he'll respond to redirection and listen really well.  I'll keep working with him.  That being said, I've set myself a deadline.   If I can't get things rolling on the right track by the end of July I've made the heartbreaking decision to send him out for training elsewhere.  He doesn't have to be perfect but he does have to be showing improvement.  Then the decision will be to decide who and where I send him to.  I love him too much to not let him be the best he can be. 

This would let me focus on Diva while someone focuses on him.  Meanwhile, the plan is to do as much stock work as possible, as well as lot's and lot's of one-one town exposure to work on increasing his tolerance for different settings, situations and dogs.  I also want to hook up with Justine and Gisela and do some work with each of these talented ladies.  I know they will have some insights that can help Ryder and I improve our relationship and communication.

Taking a deep breath...

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