Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Incredible Dog

The most amazing story reached me today.  Blaine, who now owns Reba, sent me a text saying that Reba had saved their house from burning down.  He told me she kept running from the garage to him, jumping up on him with her front two feet and running back to the garage.  After doing this repeatedly he got curious and went and looked.  The garage was on fire.  There was a large flame that just happened to be beside a gas canister.  While unsure how it started he was able to get the fire out.

You hear of stories like this on media all the time.  I kinda always took them with a grain of salt.  But it appears Reba is officially a super dog!  What an amazing story.  I knew she would work for him, and I knew she would bond with him, but I didn't know she would also work at keeping her family safe!

What a heartwarming story!  It really cements that I made 100% the right decision there.


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Wow. That's a great story, and does confirm that she is in the right home.