Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sleep For A Week

Sleep for a week sounds good right about now.  I seem to have been on the life treadmill this past week.  Tuesday, the first work day of the week, I hit the ground running.  I prepared everything I needed for work for the week.  This was especially important as I was leaving on Thursday directly after work for Kananaskis, where I was attending a work related conference with two other coworkers.  (An adventure within itself...)  

Wednesday was Vet Day for the pups and Reba.  Also an adventure within itself....  

Thursday I had my mom drive me to work, where I got out with a suitcase...  and left for my conference.  This afternoon, my mom met me in town, and drove me home.  After having taken care of the animals the past couple of days.  

Tonight, I'm so very happy to be home.  I couldn't believe how much those little puppies had grown!  And I plan to go to bed early and dream of sleeping for a week.

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