Sunday, October 31, 2010


The little Rascal's are busy trying to get into trouble these days.  I've started taking them for walks (as a pack) and all are wearing collars.  Little Ryder and Chloe are leading with a leash and they all come pretty good to their names.  

Diva looks like she's going to have ears that stand up.  Her's are different than all the others.

Ryder, soggy, with an upset tummy.  The little fellow is feeling fine and back to his old tricks.

Grace, is such a serious pup.  She's the one who moves the most like her mom and is showing the greatest "stalking" tendencies when playing.

Can't you just hear Luke shouting "Weeeeeee!"

I must admit to adoring Diva's cute factor.  How can you resist a face like this?

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The Canadian said...

Diva's ears are adorable!!!! Soooo cute!