Sunday, October 3, 2010


The last few months I've been think quite a bit about heritage, how to honor it and what it means to me.  There have been people who have come into (and subsequently gone from) my life and asked me to choose.  To choose between my heritage and passion - and them...  This did not turn out particularly well for them...  For a while it did make me second guess what I really wanted.  But then it became clear again.

I've put a tremendous amount of thought into developing a "farm" name.  I wanted it to have meaning.  After all, I planned to put it up on the Internet for the world to see.  (I've also started building a website!)  I had tossed around a variety of names but none of them felt "right" to me.  But I believe I've found the perfect name for me.  One with meaning and value and most importantly makes me happy and at peace.  

My farm name will be called Bar EM Legacy Farm.  Some people think I'm wrong and I should choose a name that reflects the dogs, herding or horses and cutting.  But this name honors my grandfather.  It's a reflection on my heritage.  I am, after all, a farmer's granddaughter.  With the family farm long into the past I wanted to carry some of the tradition forward.  I've applied for my grandfather's brand Bar EM (right thigh) and will use his brand as mine from this point forward (even though I don't really brand things).  

My grandfather is no longer in this world, but I know he'd be smiling down from above at my path in life.  At decisions I've made to keep my heritage and dreams alive.  Here's to the Bar EM Legacy Farm!  

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The Canadian said...

Cheers!!!! Love the name, love the meaning, love you!!!