Friday, April 3, 2015

Dung Detective

The last month there has been a change in my dog's behaviour.  I've been puzzled as to why it's happening.  The other mystery is who is doing it.

On an astonishingly frequent basis I've found dog doody in the house.

In. The. House.

Let me be clear.  My dogs have been house broke for a good many years.  So why was someone messing at night in the house?  Possible causes could include Honey's new shift which is from 3:30 pm until midnight.  But I toilet the dogs on a regular basis.  After the second "surprise" I started going out with them at night.  I've made a point of working the crap quite literally out of them.  Lot's and lot's of exercise.  Both dogs were getting pumpkin on their food.  While I'm still feeding it, I've reduced the amount.  I've added a probiotic.  I'd like to point out that this isn't "oops I'm in abdominal distress" poop.  Nope.  It's normal.

Today, the dogs begin a month of spending the night in their crates.  It's time to reinforce good manners.  To be honest, I don't think anyone is trying to wake me up.  But I've also been super tired and sleeping really hard.  I've had the dogs wake me up first but not for a couple of years.  Diva usually wakes me in the morning.  Generally around 7:00 (which is better than the 6-6:30 she used to...)

Any ideas out there to help me figure out my Mysterious Pooper?

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Jeanne Wright said... ideas who it could a nanny cam???