Monday, April 20, 2015

Ever Changing Like A River

I've been busy.  As always.  Who isn't busy these days?

My horsey world keeps shifting.  Sometimes I feel as though I have a split personality.  (And by no means am I belittling those who do have one!) I've been thinking of dropping my jumping lessons.  You see my heart is with the cows.  I do love me some cow work.  And then I go take my lesson.  And in my lesson I stretch and grow and challenge myself.  I can feel and see myself improving.  And I love it.

So here is the current plan.  I am continuing to ride Marnie.  I love it.  She keeps my brain active.  I'm also breeding her to Pegasus.  I won't lie.  I like the stallion but his ownership makes me feel a little worried.  I don't like the idea of a stallion being bred to a whole bunch of horses.  And I suspect that's what happens here.  But ultimately I think he'll make an outstanding cross for Marnie producing something that should be a great working cow horse type.

I'm also going to commit to riding her English.  I kept flip flopping but I genuinely believe that she's best suited to English world.  Jump training it is.

Another little project I've had in the works is picking up another horse.  I'm "pending" on a 20 year old mare.  She's quiet, safe, sound and sane.  She's currently a broodmare so I'm waiting for her to be back under saddle before she's "sold".  I need to be 100% that she'll pack a saddle with no issues.

To ease the pressure, I'm dropping dog classes.  It'll save me some serious money and free up time to do other things.  I'll reevaluate come summer.  Buying sheep next Monday so dogs working will become a priority.

And so I go...

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