Tuesday, March 11, 2014

And The Truck Got Stuck

Honey, who normally makes me coffee in the morning has been out of town.  He's been going to sell his product at trade shows.  What this means is I've been stopping for coffee.  Here in the Great White North there is a popular coffee place called Tim Hortons.  I'll be honest.  I kinda don't like the coffee but it's cheap.  This is motivating.  (I get what I call a cheap girl's latte - 1/2 coffee, 1/2 French Vanilla.) 

Many of you know I drive a truck that I absolutely adore.  It's a beast.  So feeling chipper (NOT!) after time change I decided to try the drive through.  For. The. First. Time.  You see, I always walk in.  But there was no drive through line up.  It was too tempting...

Unfortunately I had already committed when I realized that the truck was not going to fit in the opening...  this was not cool... So there I am.  Vehicles behind me.  Doing the forward, backward, forward, backward, trying to get lined up with the hole so I don't scrap my truck across the bright yellow guard pole.  After successfully ordering I encountered another issue.  The turn was too sharp for my wide turning truck.  Putting my foot into it, I leaped the curb, rolled up and over the snow bank before crashing down back into the driving lane. 

The was awesome.


How embarrassing to look like the girl who has borrowed her boyfriend's truck and is incapable of driving it. 

Yep.  That's right.  The truck got stuck.  In the drive through... 


Liz Stout said...


okay. It does suck. But oh, OH, is it a great story.

Jeanne Wright said...

Ba ha ha! I have sooo been there! Remember the Starbucks drive through? I actually did hit the "Thank you" sign...ooops! LOL