Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Spirit

We hosted Honey's family Christmas Eve for dinner.  I was a bit anxious about how the dogs would handle the influx of people.  As a precaution they both had on new pheromone collars and I put Ryder in his ThunderShirt.

They were awesome.

They didn't bark when each car load arrived.  They both watched cautiously.  Ryder carried around his beloved toy. And Diva stayed in her favorite spot beside the coach.  While I worked in the kitchen, Ryder followed me around, and Diva (!!!) explored the new people by sniffing them.  Both dogs were tired by the time our company left.

But they behaved appropriately the entire 9 hours we had people in the house.  I was very pleased with them.

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Jeanne Wright said...

No barking?? That is huge!!! Looks like your puppies are growing up! :)