Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stress Is The Devil

Here I am.  Changing my ways.  Honestly!

I have decided that stress is the devil.  I am by nature a worrier. This is not something that's particularly healthy.  In some ways it's hard because my life is filled to the brim with stress.  If I can't eliminate the stressors I certainly can improve my coping skills.  Today I had a wake up call.  I was at the Neurologists.  Yes, Neurologist.  They weighed me.  While I knew I'd "chunked" up with the back injury I was horrified to get my weight.  This to me is indicative of the stress in my life.  Both of which I must shed.

Goal One: probably the most painful for me as I'm a die-hard Starbucks and Iced Tea Addict... to significantly reduce the amount of caffeine in my diet.  As I type, I'm sipping on Iced Earl Grey Tea - caffeine free.

Goal Two: get my mom into a doctor before summer is out.  My mom is becoming increasingly forgetful and we have Dementia (Alzheimer's) in the family on my maternal side.  It's to the point where it's not just age related.  I've worried, and worried about her.  No more.  It's time for some action.  I'll get some advice on how best to approach it and have a respectful conversation with her.

Goal Three: bite the bullet and write my capstone paper (like a Thesis).  This has been stressing me and it's time for it to get finished.  Once it's finished I won't have the time pressure to complete it.

Goal Four: begin physical fitness routine.  This is for me one of my best coping strategies.  I want to run regularly (as I prefer dog friendly activities).  I'll also add in yoga, swimming or cycling.  Right now I'm leaning towards yoga because it's something I've really enjoyed in the past.

Goal Five:  Nutrition.  I've been eating a lot of junk.  This is really hard on my system.  It's time to get strict and follow a Mediterranean diet.  Not fun and not my preferred way of eating.  But if I can do it through the summer I think I'll have balanced myself out that I can relax it once work begins again.

Goal Six: Animal and Nature time.  I've rediscovered how balanced and peaceful I feel when training the dogs.  For a long time I lost my Zen when working the dogs.  But it's back.  I'm able to be in the moment.  This is key.  I've been reworking my perennial beds and transferring the sewage mound.  I want to have wildflowers on the mound.  In my back perennial bed I want to have lillies and in the front bed roses and daffodils, maybe something else.  I've also got areas I'm reseeding with grass.  It's supposed to be nice so I'll take some pictures of my projects.  These things help me release physical stress but also bring me peace.  It grounds me to dig in the dirt.    Getting riding time is also important to add in.

I figure I have six weeks to focus on resetting myself.  I'm committing the summer to to me.

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Liz Stout said...

Love this. Best of luck. All are really solid, great goals!