Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So. Much. Fun.

Yesterday was a herding extravaganza for me.  I had a chiropractor appointment early in the morning.   I quickly rushed out to grab the dogs to get in a quick work following it.  You see, I had company coming.  I had one of my puppy connections connection coming out to work his dog on sheep for the first time.  This dog kinda has a Diva-ish reputation.  She has been a challenge for the owners.  I was prepared for a cross between a marathon and a train wreck.

She turned out to be delightful.  She was natural and soft on the sheep.  Lovely.  It was so much fun watching the owners eyes light up with joy when they saw how content their little whirling dervish was.  I love sharing the joy of herding.  Heck, I just love teaching people new things.  I am by no means a herding expert or professional.  Just someone who has gained knowledge from other people and learned from my mistakes.

I ended up spending over four hours working dogs.  I'm pretty sure the sheep didn't find it as joyful as the rest of us...

My new friends are coming out again on Sunday for another work. I am so happy their little dog has found it's niche in life.

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