Sunday, June 2, 2013

Spring Flowers

I love my flowers.  The pansy's bring back such strong memories of going to my grandparents farm.  Love them.  These guys are actually quite filled out given the amount of rain we've had.  Some of my plants are not enjoying this so much...

These guys are lovely purple and white petunias with a gladiola in the middle.  They're a little bedraggled with all the wet.  Watch them bloom with some sunshine!

I can't wait for the gladiola to bloom because I think it'll almost be a perfect match for the center of the pansies.

Silver and hot pink wave petunias.  Also a little bedraggled right now...

This is on my north deck.  The begonia, ivy and bacopa love it there.

These guys are hating the wet and cold right now.  They need sun and lot's of it.  White geraniums and red portulaca.

I'm really excited for these pots to finish filling out and bloom.  There are silver wave petunia, black petunias, spikes, and purple nicotia in them.

These barrels were just planted today and are a bit scraggly still.  In it are hot pink wave petunias, white bacopa, and flax for eye appeal.

Stay tuned for summer flower shots.  I also planted sweet peas in my garden to climb my garden fence, and marigolds by my tomatoes to keep the pests away.


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So many lovely blossoms!