Monday, May 17, 2010

Horse Controversy

Warning:  Post is not appropriate for children or those overly sensitive.

Up here, in Canada a war is brewing.  There are two camps of people.  Those who have no issues with horse slaughter houses and those who are working feverishly to get them banned.  This issue has been getting quite a lot of media attention.  Tonight, the sound of the news drew me in.  And left me with images I'm having a hard time reconciling.  You see, I've always believed there needs to be an appropriate method of disposing (yes, disposing) of unwanted or "cull" horses.  I strongly believe there are horses out there that the world is just better off not having.  

However, tonight after watching the news I was filled with horror.  Horror because no animal should be treated cruelly, even the culls of the world.  I've heard many sad stories coming out of the United States (which have banned equine slaughter) about horses just left to fend for themselves and needless suffering.  Tonight I saw an all too real look at needless suffering.  I wouldn't condone this treatment for an animal that I dislike, much less one so intrinsically tied to my life.  

Tonight I watched the news on CBC.  I watched an article on slaughter house abuse.  It was not a pretty sight.  It made me feel sad, depressed and wondering what is the answer.  How do we balance the needs of the horse with the realities of the world?  

Here's the link to the CBC story.  Watch it if you can handle it.  I'm not sure I could...

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