Sunday, May 3, 2015

Remember the Hoarder??

You may have noticed my last post was called Hoarder.  It seems to have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  In the space of two weeks:

  • Officially buy "Paint Me Sweetly".  I will take possession of her in August when her current baby is weaned.  Debate breeding her even though I buy her to ride.
  • Buy a used Vic Bennet All Purpose saddle.  It was a steal of deal and I'd be stupid not to...
  • Take Marnie to Fleetwood Farms to breed to Pegasus.  I may have had a meltdown or ten debating who to breed her to once she arrived there.  
  • See babies related to Whiskey - have the most intense breed her pangs.  Remain undecided on that issue.  
See?  I really am a hoarder.