Friday, August 15, 2014

It's Time

I've been doing better at working the dogs.  We went out to Ken's for a reality check the other day.  Both dogs are soooooo close to being clean finished working dogs.  My goal is to enter them in the FarmFair arena trial in November.  I'm fully anticipating that the wheels will come off the bus but think it'll be good experience for them.

Both dogs are continuing with agility classes.  I'm going to buy some equipment so I can practice out at the farm.  It's hard to have them in the same class.  This set of classes is turning into an epic failure and waste of money.  It hasn't been the best for them or for me.  Undecided what I'll do with them.  I'd like to continue with the agility because Ryder obsessively loves it and Diva is enjoying herself.  It's a good winter exercise.

I'm going to buy a little video camera so I can easily tape them working.  Using my phone stinks and is hard.

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