Friday, July 18, 2014


You would think the fact that its summer and I'm not technically working that I'd have all kinds of time on my hands.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm a "fill the gap" person.  Empty road in front of me?  Fill the gap - find the nearest car.  No more grad school?  Fill the gap - create new projects to take your time.  

This summer started off with a bang.  I registered for unlimited Moksha classes.  I love this style of yoga.  After herniating a disc in my back last year and being banished from running (or anything fun it seems) I've begun the attempt to drop the 30lbs I gained and get my flexibility and fitness back.  While I have been discouraged from running, Moksha is a great whole body exercise that will help me regain my flexibility.  

I also registered both dogs in an agility class.  Ryder in the advanced.  Diva in the beginner.  Ryder is an agility fool and loves it.  Diva has good naturally trotted through the classes and happily done the exercises.  Because Ryder loves agility more than sheep and Diva loves sheep more than agility I've been trying to find balance.  I've been driving out to the farm -not nearly as much as I should- and working the dogs on sheep.  Ryder pretty much could enter a trial now.  Diva we are working on getting commands consistent.  Diva is gaining confidence on her drive and is progressing further away from me.  

I also had a bit of a break down regarding horses.  A very, very, very large part of me did not want to sell the baby.  Oh boy, was that hard!  I've been really twitchy and edgy.  Wanting to ride.  Wanting a horse to ride.  A major internal debate over time, horses and dogs has been waging war inside of me.  A compromise: I've registered for Jumping lessons at a local stable.  It was fun going out and getting my English gear again.  Nothing like breeches and big black boots to make a girl feel special.

But then I went to the doctor.  You know what they say about best laid plans??

In JUNE I had tweaked my ankle while out chasing down a child when on supervision.  I worked through JUNE on a grossly swollen ankle.  The swelling spilling over the edge of my runner.  After 3-4 weeks I went to the Medi-center.  The doctor ordered x-rays, but didn't look at my ankle!  The diagnosis - no break just a sprain.  I started wrapping my ankle.  I finished off work.  The second week of JULY my regular doctor returned from his annual charity doctor work overseas.  I went in.  I do not have a sprain!!  Nope, not me.  I have a broken ankle capsule.  It should have been CASTED. However, as at this point I've been walking on it for seven weeks, I was told no exercise, no walking, keep it wrapped and do not do anything to aggravate it.  Do you see how this may impact my plans??
For ten days I'm to baby my ankle.  I'm to do contrast baths.  I'm to sit on the couch with it elevated.

I'm not going to lie.  A major melt down was had.  My poor darling was baffled with my uncommon behaviour.  He kept rubbing my shoulders and asking me what was wrong as I freaked out.

I'm not going to lie.  I still am walking the dogs.  Not everyday and for shorter, but seriously?  How can I not?  I still went to my final agility class of the session.  I did cancel my riding lessons for the month of July.  I have stopped going to my beloved yoga.  I am trying not to pace inside of my house like a caged tiger.

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Liz Stout said...

Oh yuck! I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope you're back at it soon. Maybe pick up knitting for a time? :-\

Or scrapbooking? Or turning your blog into a book to have forever?