Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer of Dog

I have decided that this will be the summer of dog.  While the sale of the acreage has fluffed up my horse fund, I think I'm going to focus on one project at a time.  The dogs are creeping towards four years old!  And neither of them are finished stock dogs.  This was not the plan...  Life sure has a way of interfering with what you think you'll do.  My goals for the spring/summer seasons are as follows:

1) Continue to take Ryder to agility classes.  When he is ready step into competition.  I'm anticipating this won't be this summer.

2) Work both dogs regularly on sheep.  I think it's great exercise and great for their brains.  Work on finishing both dogs.  Ryder is scary close.  In fact, Ryder could easily enter an arena trial or run a novice field.  Diva is a little further back. 

3) Get Diva entered into a trial or two.  This is going to be her thing.

4) Take Diva to Gisela's classes.  I think it's good for her brain, even if it's not her thing.  It's the same reason Ryder will stay on sheep. 

5) There's a clinic in Saskatchewan that I have my eye on...

I'll slide out to Ken's to get my horsey fix when I need it.  No decisions of a horsey kind will be made until after Whiskey foals. 

Welcome to the summer of dog!

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