Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Connecting The Dots

Today I had an ah-ha moment.  We were sitting at the lunch table while at work and I was talking about Ryder.  I happen to work with many animal loving coworkers.  I was telling them how he's been shedding like a freak show.  How I was trying Cod Liver oil to see if it helped.  Someone asked if he always was a heavy shedder.  I explained it was only since summer that I really noticed.  I can fill buckets with his hair when I brush him.  And I brush him weekly.  We discussed various options for heavy shredders.

When suddenly one of my coworkers piped up.  Stress.  It's stress.  Look at all the changes in his little world.  I began to connect the dots.  1) struggling with training while working stock, not wanting to work 2) becoming naughty: ignoring his name, leaving the yard, bratty leash manners 3) shedding like a fool 4) almost daily diarrhea 5) licking everything in sight including himself.  I did a quick Google search.  Viola! Dog stress results... Lined up.

It seems that my dog is stressed according to my unofficial diagnosis.  I want to try some herbal solutions first before seeking vet solutions.  Fingers crossed for my Ryder boy.

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Liz Stout said...

Oh Ryder. Please buck up soon, pup!