Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Have Not Forgotten

I'm still around.  I have not forgotten about Blogger.  I miss my "blog" friends.  I'm just busy.  Stupid ridiculous, sleep the sleep of the dead busy...   Here is a brief update.  Diva is a herding superstar but is beginning to act naughty now that I'm back to work and she's not getting as much stimulation.  Ryder is suffering from a delayed teenage stage and is also somewhat naughty.  He was melting down from training pressures so am supplementing him with agility games.  This seems to help.  He is a playing fool.  I've also been doing a lot of therapy on my back, trying to get it functional.  This is sucking great amounts of time from me.  I started Moksha Yoga and I love it.  Right up my alley.  There will be no running this winter as I work on functional muscle strength.  I'm in my final semester of university and looking forward to a break.  I also met someone who is great and awesome and all things amazing.  This has also been sucking up some serious time.  The bonus is he loves my dogs and we've been able to do lots together with them.

I'm hopeful things will slow down and I can catch up on some reading...

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Liz Stout said...

I think the good news far outweighs the busy chaos. =) Happy you're so happy.