Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Inner Diva

Ryder has been developing his inner Diva.  When we go out to the farm I've been working on having both dogs off leash.  I don't want to rely on a leash for manners with the dogs.  Ryder has been working and listening off leash for months now.  Twice now.  Two days in a row he's bolted towards the sheep and helped himself. He handily ignored my request to lie down or recall.  After a second or two of stunned, I raced towards the sheep.  My goal was to cut him off at the pass.  I have a buggy whip with a plastic bag on the end.  Both dogs hate it.

Running flat out I raise and rattle the flag, shouting get out, I drive into his path.  The flag slaps on the ground and Ryder stops his runaway.  I won't lie.  It was rather challenging to regain my zen...   Chasing him out of the field I go back to our normal entrance and call him to me.  He does it again!!!! So there I am repeating the process.  And Diva? Diva is waiting patiently at the gate where I left her.  Seriously.

Ryder has just been straight naughty lately.  He's stolen toys off the table (supervised play only).  He's been jumping up on me.  He's been demonstrating poor leash manners.  He's clearly sending me a message.  I'll take him for his yearly and rule out physical problem. Thinking back his bad behaviour didn't begin until he was getting worked regularly.  Is it too much for him?  Too much pressure causing a delayed teenage reaction?

I'm looking into some agility classes for him.  It's not my thing but he has an incredible play drive and maybe a change of pace is just what he needs.  I'll also focus on basic obedience at home.  I've got to admit, I never thought I'd see the day when Diva was the better behaved listener of the two...

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