Sunday, April 4, 2010

Blogging Break

I've been a rather bad blogger lately.  Even though I'm doing things and have been out enjoying the mostly spring weather I just have not felt like telling any stories.  I could have wrote about how adorable Joey is when he curls up in a ball on the deck.  Or how Reba is trying to become a house dog.  She lies by the back door, when it opens she comes in and once more, lies by the back door.  How the calves are coming or how it's abnormally dry here for spring.

I could write about my new truck that I absolutely adore.  Or the trip to the vet for Whiskey to get her teeth done.  Or even how I mysteriously pulled something in my neck/shoulder when I was putting my hair in a ponytail.  I could write about how I'm second guessing my decision to list Whiskey.  How she was a superstar her first time under saddle in YEARS!  How Izzy is growing into a spectacular little horse.  

Heck, I could even write about my love of grilled cheese sandwiches - yum!  But I just don't feel like writing anything.  All my creative juices seem to be on holidays.  I'm sure they'll come back soon but until then...  I'll write nothing at all.

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Patty said...

Man now I'm hungry for some grilled cheese :)